Not More Than Four Trip - Rabbi Levin's Class

On Wednesday, Beis Sivan, Rabbi Levin's class went on the trip titled "Not More Than Four".

The Talmidim visited a distillery in Brooklyn to witness the fascinating process of how Mashke is made, as well as how chocolate is made.

"I never drink." Said Roger, our tour guide. "Even though I have access to the most expensive drinks, I won't take any of it into myself, because I know how it's made. I know everything about alcohol."

After the distillery and chocolate factory and visiting the water, we gathered back in Crown Heights for a Pizza supper.

At the Pizza supper, we watched videos about what goes on inside a person's body, how alcohol harms each part of the body respectively. We also watched a video about how the effects on the brain are much more serious and permanent when dealing with the developing brain under the age of 25.

Then we watched the video titled "L'Chaim!", a moving, sad story depicting what happened to an innocent Bochur and his younger brother, based on a true story. The video concluded with a message on the matter from Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski.

The evening ended with the distribution and review of a special flyer regarding the Rebbe's strict Takono on Mashke, including many known and unknown important details about it.

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