Yud Alef Nissan Mivtza

Yesterday we launched the latest campaign ("Mivtza"), a preperation for Yud Alef Nissan, the Rebbe's 113th birthday, titled "My Present to The Rebbe".
It is truly great to see the warm welcome the Talmidim had to the new campaign (as by every campaign so far, B"H), as that shows on their appreciation for self-improvement and higher purpose.

This, Baruch Hashem, marks our 8th Mivza so far this year with the Talmidim:
  1. Avinu Malkeinu (Elul)
  2. Bombardiren (Rosh Hashono)
  3. Bo Bayomim (Tishrei)
  4. Just Two Weeks (Cheshvan)
  5. Maccabee (Kislev-Teves)
  6. Hachono L'Yud Shvat (Teves-Shvat)
  7. Zeh Keili V'Anveihu (Shvat-Adar)
  8. My Present to The Rebbe (Current)

More about this Mivtza in the Full Article.

The Talmidim chose one area in each of the 4 categories, what he will focus on gaining.

[Regarding the Chitas category: To the credit of the Talmidim it should be mentioned that ever since we started the "Personalized Chitas booklet" project, over 90% of the Talmidim in 7th and 8th grade learn Chitas on their personalized level.]

One of the points that were spoken to the Talmidim was the difference between any other present, vs.this present to the Rebbe:
Normally, when a person gives a present, let's say $5, the giver loses the $5 and the receiver gains $5. But in this case, the present we give to the Rebbe is that we want to gain. By us gaining, THAT IS the present to the Rebbe!

Another point that was discussed was the story when the Rebbe commented about a present that the Bochurim did for the Rebbe: "Apparently this is an Ashir (rich man) who brought a Korban Ani (poor man's Korban)". On their Duchs, every boy checked off if he feels that the gifts he is giving to the Rebbe is his richest.

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